Володимир Вермінський

Volodymyr Verminskyy was born and lives near the town of Ternopil. 

He graduated Music School in Ternopil, then Kharkiv Institute of Arts, where he was studying at the vocal and choral conductor faculties. 
He took part in many prestigious national and international competitions and festivals of song. 
Here are some of them, which was awarded first prize: 
"Boromlya" 1999 (Sumy), "Song Fair" in 2000 (Kyiv) 
"Red Rue" in 2002 (Kyiv), "Waves Svityaz" 2003 (Lutsk). 

The most remarkable victory of Volodymyr Verminskyy as a singer - a gold and bronze medals at world championships with the spectacular Art in Los Angeles USA unit, California in 2003, which represented Ukraine in the categories: pop song, and modern classics. 
After the festival it was the successful tour of U.S. cities. 
During the period of creativity in the works of 10 alboms and many concerts in Ukraine and abroad, along with renowned masters of music: V. Zinkevych, P. Dvorsky, A. Dobriansky, K. Buzhynskaya, Astra, A. Serov, B. Kirov, N . Buchinskoy, S. Hihoyu, VIA "Kobza", "Krayani", "Shao-Bao "," Mandry"and many others. 
December 5, 2009 he was awarded a diploma and a medal winner of the Ukrainian literature and art prize of the brothers Bogdan and Lions Lepky. For the realization of historical educational, concert and variety of the "Vidlunia kryivky" in 2009.