Ne vidlitai
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Release year: 2003

The album "Ne vidlitai" was presented on May 27, 2003 on the stage of Ternopil Palace of Culture Kurbas. This CD and it's program were presented in America from California to Florida in the autumn of that year. More than in dozen U.S. cities, Ukrainian diaspora met with warm applause this songs, which are reminiscent of their native land. The album included several popular songs of XX century, original song and video clip as a gift to one of special song with the title "Ptaha". This song is the hallmark of the musician who brought many victories in various competitions and festivals, including the U.S.

1. «Bereh dytynstva» lyrics and music of Volodymyr Verminskyy
2. «Shcho take liubov?» lyrics and music of Iryna Halan
3. «Daleki dni» lyrics of V. Hromadskyy, music of Volodymyr Verminskyy
4. «Ya bih za tinniy» lyrics of O. Bohachuk, music of L. Popernadskyy
5. «Lito» lyrics and music of Volodymyr Verminskyy
6. «Ridna zemlia» lyrics and music of Volodymyr Verminskyy
7. «Chervona ruta»lyrics and music of V. Ivasiuk
8. «Dva koliory» lyrics of D.Pavlychko, music of O.Bilash
9. «Zoriana nich»lyrics and music of Hanna Makovska
10. «Tam de ty» lyrics and music of V.Tsupryk
11. «Ptaha»lyrics of A. Zhytkevych, music of О. Maiovskyy
12. «Pidmanula pidvela»lyrics folk, music of S.Andrievskyy,T.Bodeliuk
13. «Charivna skrypka» lyrics of I.Poklad, music of U.Rybchynskyy
14. «Sharmanka» translate of О.Muzyka, music of I.Krutyy