Price 25 грн

Release year: 2008

The idea of production, selection of songs of this album belongs to author and artist Volodymyr Verminskyy.

At the end of November 2006, the idea of band, which on March 1, 2007 was successfully presented on the main stage Ternopil concert program titled "Natali". This team is called "Aksent". It started after a successful debut studio work recording the album "Natali". This is the first album in which each party is recorded live without using of virtual instrument (computer) technology. As musicians say - in vivo! In general this album includes 20 songs. Several songs from previous album "Magic of spring", as well as new songs copyright by contemporary authors: Poet and singer - Anatoliy Fihluk Poet and singer - Anatoliy Zhytkevych Miroslav Vono and Olexiy Serdyuk

The presentation of album, "Natali" was held May 13, 2008 on the main stage of the Palace of Culture Berezil Ternopil. Concert was about 3 hours and all this time audience applause accompanied each of the songs. At the end of spectators at the request of BIS-sounding was song "Believe in love."

1. «Ptaha» lyr. A. Zhutkevich, music О. Mayevskiy
2. «Za mene zamizh vyidy» lyr. М. Syngaivskiy, music А. Ekimian
3. «Ne pershyi raz» lyr. S. Bachynskiy, music Ya. Frenkel'
4. «Pelustky lubovi» lyr. А. Zhutkevich, music V. Verminskyy
5. «Doroga kohannya» lyr. S. Bachynskiy, music R. Paulz
6. «Chaklunka hir» lyr. V. Kudryavtsev, music І. Holyak
7. «Liuba moya nen'ko» lyr. А. Fihluk, music V. Verminskyy
8. «Povertaites leleky dodomu» lyr. А. Zhutkevich, music V. Verminskyy
9. «Kohaty chas» lyr. А. Semionova, music О. Vratariova
10. «Oi, u poli ruta, ruta» lyr., and music are folk
11. «I ya liubliu» lyr. А. Figluk, music V. Verminskyy
12. «Zapytai u sertsya, zapytai» lyr. О. Оsadchiy, music О. Vratariova
13. «Zhovtiy lyst» lyr.Ivasiuk, music V. Hromtseva
14. «Za Vkrainu mylu» lyr. end music are folk
15. «Chervona ruta» lyr., end music V. Ivasiuk
16. «Zabud' pechal'» lyr. T. Severeniuk, music L. Zatulovskiy
17. «Tvoya zorya» lyr. V. Hromadskiy, music V.Verminskyy
18. «Vir u lubov» lyr. M. Vonio, music О. Serduk
19. «Natali» lyr. and music V. Verminskyy
20. «Blahoslovenne ternopillya» lyr. end music О. Smyk