Vidlunnya kryivky (Echo from the 'kryivka')
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Відлуння криївки DVD
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Release year: 2010

On October 7, 2008 Volodymyr Verminskyy with band "Aktsent" started a new project - "Vidlunnia kryivky".The initiator and author of the project which has most songs of the album, made songster Award Vasyl Stus Award Bogdan and Lions Lepky - Olexander Smyk. We hope that this album will not only interesting but also plays a significant role in development, the formation of patriotic spirit of our youth, their views are given the past, the UPA liberation struggle of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, immigration, war in Afghanistan, etc ... Overall CD-"Vidlunnia kryivky" - is a kind of tutorial in the past XX century, set out new musical vision for expansion and understanding of the wide range of our audience. The album went straight into the audio and video formats, CD & DVD. Work on CD recording and selection of songs was 1 year and lasted five months before the release.

March 11, 2010 CD & DVD "Vidlunnia kryivky" entered for the market. Publishing and printing took over production center "Grolis - Director of Yaroslav Hromadskiy. During his record changes occurred in contravention of the collective views of the rebel left thems. Band Sergiy Kalayda - percussion instruments and to replace him came Volodymyr Kostyk. In 2009, Volodymyr Verminskyy, Olexander Smyk and group "Aktsent" had the opportunity to meet at concerts and open squares with the grateful audience, which was frank and sincere. If you want the future to hear the new songs performed by Volodymyr Verminskiyy, support us and buy a license CD & DVD - "Vidlunnia kryivky", otherwise we can not exist only at the enthusiasm. Each song needs money to write it and other things associated with the release CD. We appreciate your understanding and respect. Be true patriots of their country! UKRAINE GLORY! GLORIOUS PEOPLE!

1. «Snihy» lyr. and music О.Smyk
2. «Kozhen v sertsi soldat» lyr. and music О.Smyk
3. «Bez ridnoi haty» lyrics folk, music V.Verminskyy
4. «Shcho za viysko ide» lyrics folk, music V.Verminskyy
5. «Lisovi heneraly» lyrics and music О.Smyk
6. «Proshchai, Ukraino» lyrics and music. О.Smyk
7. «Molodyi tuman» lyr. А.Zhytkevych, music V. Verminskyy
8. «Proshchai sotnyku» lyrics and music. О.Smyk
9. «Hloptsi z lisu» lyr. B.Mel'nychuk, music Ya.Zlonkevich
10. «Ne dorikai» lyrics and music О.Smyk
11. «Za Vkrainu mylu» lyrics folk, music V.Verminskyy
12. «Faika» lyrics and music А. Metsnak
13. «Nash 13-iy arminskiy» lyrics and music О.Smyk
14. «Shabli zarzhavily» lyrics and music О. Smyk
15. «Mashyngvery» lyrics and music А.Mentsak