Band "Aktsent" - live

According to the head of the "Aktsent" Volodymyr Verminskyy on January 30, 2009 completed work on recording the new album "Vidlynnia kryivky". We hope that this album will be a real blast for the patriot of Ukraine (to Volodymyr). The author of this project is the winner of the Prize of Vasyl Stus songster Oleksandr Smyk. Most of the songs are included in the album which are written by O.Smyk. The result of this collaboration is the head of the group with O.Smyk and orchestra from the group "Aktsent". Recording we made at the studio of Andriy and Dmytro Makuh. When recording used only live instruments and no virtual (Verminskyy said).

Looking forward to meeting with you at concerts and reviews on the site.