Ex-folk deputy of Ukraine, member of Party of Green Ukraine Vitalij Kononov stole a song for the Ternopil singer and composer Volodymyr Verminskyy The Ternopil singer and composer Volodymyr Verminskyy are shocked by savage position of former chairman, and presently member of political advice of Party of Green Ukraine of Vitalij Kononov.Mister Verminskyy told to the Ternopil internet-newspaper "provse" the position: talked and wrote a few times to Kononov, and a telephone number abandoned, but reactions zero. Mister Verminskyy is regrettably staggered, that a politician actually stole him arrangement of song. "Let sings to the soba this song, - Volodymyr Verminskyy talks. Words were written by the Ternopil poet and bard Oleksandr Smyk. But of arrangement song my and to the group "Akcent". To Tom, let mister Kononov not plagiarize". An Internet-newspaper "provse " tried to take a comment for Vitalij Kononov. In press-service of Party of Green Ukraine it was said us, that a politician was included in party. The personal mobile number was not given. Press secretary of party Tetyana Verbycka, to that suggested to appeal, a tube did not take or knocked out. "About all" also tried to know opinion of Oleksandr Smyk, but him the personal mobile number was after a border access. More detailed on a web-site provse